Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services


Transaction advisory services

 SK Financial’ Transaction Advisory helps growing companies come together to work as one. Whether you are selling, buying, providing capital or restructuring, our speed, agility and industry expertise will help you with the evaluation, deal strategy, accounts setup and improving performance. Our strategies are uniquely drawn for divestiture and integration, providing a holistic approach throughout a transaction. We formulate strategies and mitigate risks to get greater values from your transaction. We work with buyers, lenders and sellers across the full spectrum, promoting regular and smooth dialogues during every stage of a transaction cycle. We listen and understand your needs and tailor possible solutions to your specific circumstances. Our network of experts are ready on the ground to execute your transaction.

We at SK Financial assist and guide you through the various levels of rigorous corporate finance, business restructuring, business valuations and corporate finance services according to the nature of your business operations. By hiring us, you get a fully professional financial team taking care of your system and all the statutory compliances on a timely basis. Our transaction advisory services helps make business transaction smoother and confusion free for you. Over the years, auditing and accounting has moved a long way forward that makes money handling easy and effective. Our team can play a significant and critical role in running your monetary affairs problem free. Call us now to get started in tracking cash flows!

Corporate finance services

We help the enterprises to evaluate the need for sources of capital in the business. Our service in corporate finance service includes facilitating and syndicating finance arrangements from the banks and financial institutions to fund the working capital and project finance needs.
Also, we will serve our clients in identify the potential lenders and investors in the business. We provide exemplary advisory services in the area of private equity, merger and acquisition.

Business restructuring

We analyze the financial under-performance and/or bankruptcy. Also, advise client (debtors, creditors and other stake holders) in restructuring cases, and in and out of court proceedings and insolvencies.

We can help the client in evaluating the opportunities and address challenges, create an effective restructuring plan and strategic goals, whether the client is buying or selling a distressed asset.

Merger and acquisitions

Financial due diligence

senior management and key employees, comparing historical financial data and trend analysis and finally the reporting of financial risk along with the actual operational situation of the target firm in written form to the acquiring party.

We are providing services to the buyers and venders in assessing the key issues facing a target business and the drivers of its historic and projected profits and cash flows.

Business valuation