Risk Advisory Services

Risk Advisory Services

Our risk advisory services advises organizations to meet the challenges associated with the risk. SK Financial provide a comprehensive range of services in this segment which includes outsourced internal audit, outsourced CFO services and fraud investigation services.

Even successful businesses can run into trouble due to bad cash flow. Our expert team of accountants can forecast sceneries to some extent and can evaluate your company’s financial condition, arming you against any potential issues. We can estimate your financial requirements and can alert you how the existing conditions fare in comparison with your needs.

Outsourced internal audit

  • Gaining access to highly skilled and experience professionals
  • Attaining significantly more value from the function while holding down the cost
  • Obtaining a fresh prospective and an added level of scrutiny
  • Eliminate internal audit training and recurring costs
  • Enjoying greater staffing flexibility

Our outsourced internal audit service focus on business process improvement, financial audit and compliance reviews. Our approach is to make the internal audit contribution relevant and to add value to the organization with sustainable management agreed improvement plan.

Outsourced CFO services

Our outsourced CFO Service can help owners, management and board members to solve financial management issues by providing unique insight and guidance. We provide organizations with experienced CFO level talents on an outsourced or part time basis at a fraction of a full time employee.

Our professional Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

  • Act as an effective organizational leader and a key member of senior management
  • Balance the responsibilities of stewardship with business partnership
  • Act as an integrator and navigator for the organization
  • Act as an effective leader of the finance and accounting function; and
  • Bring the professional qualities to the role in the organization

Fraud investigation service

Companies that act with integrity in addressing fraud, bribery and corruption tend to gain a competitive edge and derive real business benefits. We help the companies to manage the risk, investigate the alleged misconduct and fraud and measure the financial implications of disputes.

We assist the organizations with risk management related to fraud by:

  • Segregating the duties and maintenance of strong internal control
  • Creating fraud policy and code of conduct
  • Conducting surprise audit

We help the organization to investigate the various types of fraud including corruption, asset mis-appropriation and financial statements fraud.